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Business Plan

Home Business Plan

C To C Health Care offer free registration on our online shopping portal www.ctochealthcare.com , termed as C TO C BUSINESS ASSOCIATE (CBA)

    Role of CBA

  • CBA never ever can be permanent employee of C To C Health Care.
  • CBA can register/sponsor new consumer to increase their group sales volume.
  • C To C Health Care never compel any CBA to promote membership. He/she will promote to membership as per own choice.
  • All CBA refrain to mislead or alter any sequence or part of C To C Health Care Business model.
  • All KYC documents is compulsory to submit after registration.
  • Ice cool off period is 30 days from date of registration. It is must to submit all goods purchased at saleable condition. If any product is not in saleable condition, CBA will liable to pay full MRP for the same.
  • After resignation/termination, CBA will not allow to register again till 3 years from date of resignation/termination. Also he/she will not allow attend any of C To C Health Care business promotion events or training programs.

Benefits of C To C Health Care business

Team purchase incentive
  • From level 1 to level 10 each CBA will get 1% of purchased volume fortnightly. Minimum one invoicing fortnightly is must to get this income. If someone missed to invoice, the next purchasers will replace the same level in that cycle.(synchronized level )
  • Purchase match incentive
  • Fortnightly, purchase match incentive reward to CBA on basis of left side verses right side purchase match volume. Percentage of volume decided on basis of table as :
S.No Self purchase Slab %
1 - - - - UP TO 50,000 5
2 5000 50,000 - 200,000 7
3 10000 200,000 - 500,000 9
4 20000 500,000 & above 11
    C to C STAR - 2%
  • Self purchase of 1000 bv & 1000 bv purchase of any two CBA in different lines of sponsorship reward to get star royalty.
  • C to C RUBY - 2%
  • Two qualified star in two different lines of sponsorship is criteria
  • C to C EMERALD – 2%
  • Two qualified ruby in two different lines of sponsoring is criteria to inherit emerald royalty.
  • As any CBA’s accumulated earning (from section -a) touched one lakh, CBA will be eligible to get membership of lakhpati club. He/she will get an especial recognition, training & outings. C To C Health Care will reward a laptop/tab to first 100 lakhpati club members.
  • 1 million earning (section-a) is criteria to secure position in millionaire club. A car (5-7 lakh) is gift for first 100 C To C Health Care CBA’s.
  • One crore earning criteria to honoured crorepati club membership. First 100 CBA of this club will rewarded by a luxury car (10 - 20 lakh)

C to C kit match incentive (daily)

  • Each CBA can start their Business by purchase of two customized kits.
  • 1. Super CBA ( Single business centre) ---- Rs.2900/- X 1
  • 2. Platinum CBA ( Three business centre) ---- Rs.2900/- X 3
  • CBA get incentives on matching of kit sales. Rs. 300/- + 60/- cash back per first matching is on 1:2 or 2:1 after that 1:1 ratio applicable. Daily capping for this incentive is 3000/- (10 sales matches).
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S.No Kit Reward Pics
1 100 Laptop
2 250 Bike
3 700 Car
4 1500 Safari