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Cancellation Refund Policy

Home Cancellation Refund Policy


  • That the direct seller shall have exclusive right to reject / cancel the above agreement within 30 days since the date of the execution of the agreement through the online process. In this relation, the direct seller shall be registered latter or speed post at company’s mail ID/Registered address.
  • That such direct seller shall have right to return any goods purchased by the direct seller during the cooling off period but the purchased goods should be in saleable condition i.e. any seal/ protection on the kept unbroken. The refund of amount of cost of such returned product/ credit voucher shall be paid by the company within 30 days since the date of receipt of the product.
  • That if such direct seller receives any consideration from the company during this cooling-off period then such direct seller shall be responsible pay the amount of such consideration to the company with repudiate letter in the form of Cash/ Cheque/DD/NEFT etc.


That the company gives full refund or buy-back guarantee to every direct seller on the following terms –

  • Direct seller who has purchased the goods from the company to distribution or further sale is eligible to avail the benefit of buy – back policy.
  • If the purchased goods are not sold within 30days from the date of the distribution and billing of the goods to the direct or seller.
  • The condition of purchased goods must be saleable i.e. any seal/protection on the goods is kept unbroken.
  • the fulfillment the above conditions, the direct seller can be exercised his/her right of buy-back policy with in a period of 30 days, from the date of the distribution and billing of the goods to the direct seller.
  • The company is responsible to buyback/repurchases of the goods on submission of proof of original bill, ID, ADDRESS proof and purchased goods in just as it condition i.e. any seal/protection on the goods is kept unbroken.


That the consumer shall have two opportunities as follows –

  • To exchange/ return the goods if he fined any manufacturing defect or the goods purchased is not useful for the purpose it was meant, within 30 days from the date of purchases, provided an seal/protection on the goods is kept unbroken. OR
  • To receive full refund of the price of ant goods returned by consumer on the defect or inferior quality as against the information given by it regarding such goods, within 30 days of the purchase, provided any seal/protection on the kept unbroken.
  • That for the above process consumer shall produce the original bill and/or delivery challan and ID, Address proof to the company with the goods.
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